Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Engaged!

I know you will probably want the story on how he proposed, but it is really late so im going to have to wait until tomorrow to type up the story. Until then here are the pictures of my ring!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ring Riot!

Tonight Darrell and I decided to finish up ring shopping. It was great since both of us werent feeling all that great. :-S ... The funny thing is that the place that I was expecting to find the most things at was the place that we found hardly anything!
We were about ready to head home and I saw this place that a friend told me to go to. At first I was like nah Darrell is sick lets just go home. But then at the same time I felt like we should just go take a quick look. It turns out that this store was perfect! They gave us so many good deals and seemed like honest people.
So the picture to the far left is what the band of my engagement ring is going to look like but the prongs are going to be more like the one on the right. The wedding band is like the one on the right as well! It felt great to find something that Darrell and I both loved!! I cant wait.. Just a week and who knows what will happen. Im sure it wont be a surprise because I know its coming and its not like we do something romantic everynight. So far I have been told either the Provo temple grounds or the Park (we have a history at the park). Anyways now im just anxious for everything to take place. I cant wait!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Today I got out of class early to work on our music videos, but it turned out that I was the only one there from my group so I decided to just come home.
I got home and felt a burst of energy. I went straight to my room sorted the clothes in my laundry basket and put them in the washer!
I live in an apartment with 5 other girls so it is pretty hard to keep it clean especially when only a few actually clean up after themselves. This last week or maybe week and a half we have had the most disgusting smell in our kitchen. I just couldnt take it any longer. I grabbed the cleaning gloves that Allison got me for my birthday which are on the left (the green polka dot ones), and got to work. First I concurred unloading the dishes and then loading and last cleaning the counters and floor. I came across a wet soggy pot holder. This pot holder was next to our sink and everyonce in a while someone would accidentally knock it in. Well last week our garbage disposal was not working either so our sink was full of nasty water... which to none of our surprise the pot holder dropped into it. So yes I found one source of the nasty smell surrounding our house.
I also was able to get all of the pictures on my computer onto CD's I have been procrastinating this task thinking that it was going to take forever! but to my astonishment it was so simple and extremely fast. I now am just hoping that my computer improves and is not so slow.
Last I am catching up my blog a bit. I feel like I have accomplished a pretty good amount today.
*Laundry X
*Kitchen X
*Dishes X
*Pictures X
= A great day!

I cant believe this is happening!

So I have always been the type of person that freaks out when someone gets engaged to a guy that they hardly know... or I seemed to think. I couldnt ever imagine myself getting married with only dating someone for a couple of months. I thought it was crazy! Until one day I was swept off my feet by this amazing guy! I knew that I would marry him someday after dating for only two months... I thought to myself "Am I CRAZY?!" Perhaps I am a little crazy but I know this decision is me and not my craziness taking over. Last Saturday February 28th Darrell and I stepped into a room full of engagement rings. It was kind of nerve racking at first just because I kind of knew what I wanted but wasnt positive and just the thought of me getting married is amazing but yet overwhelming. That was the only store open Saturday so we havent gone anywhere else yet so no worrying about me getting engaged quite yet!

Oregon Coast

Birthday Blog!

After we all got ready we jumped into the truck and headed to Newport. Our first stop was WalMart and then we headed to the lighthouse and tidepools, it wasnt the correct time of day for us to see anything in the tidepools but it was still beautiful. The weather was perfect! We then went to the Bayfront where we ate at a small random shop. It was the seafood and wine festival weekend so things were quite busy. We all ordered some kind of seafood such as popcorn shrimp and fish. Right when we began to eat it started raining. After we ate Mom and Dad ditched us and we went to Ripleys, Wax Works and Undersea Gardens. It was fun but its one of those places that you cant go more than every five years! lol Then Mom and Dad picked us up and we headed back to the house. We went over to Gram, Grandad and Grandmas to eat "cake" and Ice cream. My cake consisted of ice cream that had cake pieces in it. Im not too much of a fan for just cake.. too dry I would much rather ice cream or brownies. We sat together and talked and then went home and I finished cutting peoples hair and then we finished watching Top Gun. (One of Darrells Favorites). We then played Blurt, and Clue. It was fun Kimmy won clue on a guess when she knew that Darrell, Mom and I were headed to guess. Blurt was great we played two rounds and I won the last by luck getting a easy challenge question. We had family prayer and scriptures and everyone headed to bed.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Families Forever

This weekend was a wonderful weekend it probably was one of the best weekends of my entire life. It was a weekend that I spent with the ones I love. Friday night Darrell and I got on a plan to Portland Oregon! I have been traveling by myself so much lately that it was amazing to have someone with me. You know how comfortable planes can be especially if you are in the middle of three seats you start drifting off and are not exactly sure which direction to lean your head. This plane trip was definitely not that way. I was able to sleep comfortably the whole ride home, it was great! Anyways we got to Oregon and drove home. At home I cut my families hair as we all talked with one another.

Saturday morning we woke up early! it was 9:30 which was early for us college students and the fact that we all didnt get to bed very early. As we all gathered around the table, Gram said a blessing on the food then we all ate amazing made french toast, sasauge and an egg casserole thing. It was great! Later we hobbled into the living room where I opened my gifts! Thank you all for the perfect gifts! I loved them all!